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         河北省東光縣四通紙箱機械廠始建于1986年,地處首都北京與濟 南之間,水陸交通都非常便利,是一家專業生產紙箱設備,紙箱包裝機械,紙箱包裝設備,單面瓦楞機,瓦楞紙板印刷機,瓦楞紙板切紙機,印刷開槽機,瓦楞紙板生產線,模切機的企業。本廠硬件設施完備,專業化程度高、制造經驗豐富,具有 相當雄厚的實力、完善的檢測工序,嚴格的管理體系,是我國紙箱、印刷機械行業中的佼佼者。
          本廠堅持以質量求生存,以科技求發展,博采眾長,融合國內外機械科研之精華,精心設計生產每一 件產品,確保產品的生產工藝嚴謹細致,使用時方便耐用,科技含量高,產品規格齊全,外觀美觀大方,機械型號多,能滿足各種客戶 的要求。我們的產品以特有的品質,多年來深受廣大用戶的一致好評。今后本廠將以市場為導向,以科技發展為主動力,竭誠與廣大用 戶合作,不斷更新產品,不斷提高產品質量,不斷完善售后服務,真誠回報社會。
          Hebei Dongguang Sitong Paper Carton Machinery Works was founded in 1986, and lies between the capital city Beijing and Jinan, enjoys very convenient transportation conditions both by land and water. It is a professional manufacturer of paper carton machinery and printing machinery. The plant has complete hardware facilities with high specialization degree and rich manufacture experience, possesses strong force, consummate inspection processes, and strict management system, is an outstanding enterprise in the paper carton and printing machinery fields in China.
          The plant insists on survival based on quality and development based on technology, learns from many aspects and incorporate scientific and technological outcomes in machinery industry home and abroad, designs every product with efforts, ensures strict production process, convenient utilization, high technology content of products. Our products provides such virtues as complete specifications, elegant appearance, diversified types and models which can meet requirements of various customers. Our products have gained favorable evaluation from vast customers for many years. And in the future, our plant will sincerely cooperate with customers taking the market as guide, and science & technology development as the driving force, renew our products continuously and increase the quality of our products gradually, improve after-sale service continuously to redound the society.


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