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    ♦瓦楞形狀為國際通用UV形,經精心設計,縮紙率低,壓制出的紙板質 屋好,強度高。
    ♦采用進口精密機床,先進的成型磨削和電腦分度工芝,保證楞型尺寸 精度符合**標準。
    ♦楞齒表面經中頻淬火處理,硬度達到HV60O以上。上瓦楞輥有中高, 呈腰鼓形,使用壽命長。
    Function and features
    The corrugating roll is made of chrome molybdenum alloy steel
    UVtype is selected for corrugated rollers,which are elaborately designed with lower take up ratio and high cardboard intensity.
    Corrugated roller ground with advanced molding and computer indexing technology and guarantee the size of corrugation conform to national standard.
    Surface manufacture with intermediate frequency quenching heat treatment,hardness have reached up to HVR60O .which is characterized by perfect flute and long service life.
    主要技術參數 Main technologica丨 parameter
    此流水線適合大批量自動化生產,能制造出符合**標準的優良瓦楞紙板,生產效率高,紙板質星好,妥取集中控制,操作筒便,維修 方便,安全可靠,大大降低了工人勞動強度。該生產線采用目前國際**新節能方式,用高溫導熱油給整機提供熱源,較蒸氣加熱節約能源 60°/。以上,大大降低了能耗,有效的壓縮了生產成本,是當今經濟型的理想產品,適合大中型紙箱廠使用。
    二、 整機總動力110kw。
    三、 無軸支架:雙臂獨立升降。
    四、 瓦裱機:瓦楞輥直徑265mm-310mm,電機功率11kw-17kw,采用電磁調整電機。
    五、 雙筒粘腔機:果用上、中兩層涂膠下端面紙導紙輥。
    六、 烘千機:總長度10米,由14塊加熱板組成。氣動漲緊裝置,傳送帶停電自動分離。
    七、 定型部分:總長6米,由27對成型軸組成。
    八、 縱切機:根據用戶要求可選裝超薄刀和普刀兩神,自動化程度高,操作筒便。
    九、 橫切機:分為電腦單雙刀和機械單雙刀共四神選配方式,供客戶選擇。
    Function and features:
    This production line is suitable for large quanity automatized manufactuing and it can produce good quality corrugated cardboard which can meet national standard completely. Higher productivity, better paper board quality, adoption of central control system, simple and easy operation, convenient to repair and maintenance, reliable and safe, greatly lower degree of manpower requirement .This production line adopts the most updated source-saving mode which get heat from the high-tempeture guiding oil.Compared with the steam heating ,it reduce the source by 60% so that cut the cost effectively.lt is economical ideal product and suitable for big and medium carton maunfacture.
    1 .The whole length of the machine is 60 meters.
    2. The whole power of the machine is 110kw.
    3. Mill roll stand:the two holder can lift and lower independently.
    4.Single facer:The diameter of the corrugating roll is 265mrr>310mm.the power is 11 kw*17kw
    5. Double layer guling machine:Using the top and middle layer for gluing and the bottom for vonveying the reel paper.
    6. Drying machine:the total length of the machine is 10 meters and it is made of 14 pieces of heater pi ate.Pneumatic strain device and conveyor belt separate automaticaly once the power cut.
    7. Definite form part:the whole length is 6 meters and it is consist of molded axle.
    8.Slitting machine:there are thick knife and common knife for chosening.High degree automation and easy operation.
    9. Transverse cutting machine:There are four matching mode which are computerized and mechnical single-double knife for client to choose.
    10. The coal consumption for the boiler is 120 kgs/hour.
    The boiler belong to the energy-saving type without pressure.lt won consume the oil within two hours from Ot to starting the machine.



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